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  1. Do you offer tours and tastings? 
    Roots Cider Company would like to offer this but does not currently have a brick-and-mortar location. We are however looking for one and when we do, we will offer offer tours, tastings and much more! Please continue check to back!
  2. Where can I find Roots Hard Cider?
    Please visit the "LOCATIONS" tab on our website for the locations carrying Roots Hard Cider on draught and in bottles.
  3. Who is the beverage distributor for Roots Cider Company?
    Roots Cider Company has partnered with BOUNTYBev located in Nashville, TN.
  4. We're interested in having Roots Hard Cider in our bar, restaurant, or event-space! Who do I contact?
    Roots Hard Cider is available in quarter barrels, sixtels, and bottles! Please inquire by completing the form below and a member from Roots Cider Company will immediately follow-up with you.


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